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The Academy was located in the building of a former convent, the Vrouw Sywenconvent or Jufferenklooster, in the same spot as the present Academy Building. Opposite, on the site of the modern University Library, was the monastery of the Franciscans or Minorites (Minderbroeders). In 1614 its church, the so-called Broerkerk, became the Academy Church, where graduations, orations, disputations, and other academic ceremonies took place. The Latin School had been housed on the ground floor of the south wing of the monastery since 1595. In 1614/1615 a dissecting room was furnished in the east wing, and a library room on the floor above.

The map of Groningen drawn by Egbert Haubois in 1643 shows the general view of the church and the monastic buildings. The Broerkerk is at the north (left) of the block. At the southern end is the courtyard – the ‘Broerkerkhof’ – with tall buildings on the remaining three sides. In the upper story of the eastern wing the six windows of the library are clearly visible.