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Differences and similarities

In the calligraphic copy the books are arranged according to discipline, but without the shelf marks. The order of the titles is largely the same, there are some differences in the order of the disciplines. The working copy has: Theologici, Historici, Iuridici, Medici, Philosophi et Literatores, Mathematici et Geographi. In the calligraphic copy Philosophi and Literatores are two separate groups; Historici are placed at the end, and Geographi are left out. Multi-volumed works that are entered in the working copy with their individual volumes are described in one entry in the calligraphic copy, such as for example the works of Calvin in nine volumes, Peter Martyr's Bible commentaries in six volumes, and a number of two-volume works. Some titles have been put in a different section: in the working copy Flavius Josephus, Diodorus Siculus and Herodotus are among the Historici, while in the calligraphic copy they can be found among the Theologici. Other titles had to be moved because of the division of the Philosophi et Literatores. A close comparison of both lists shows that they contain the same books.